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In the five years that the SSE Hydro has been open, it has established itself as one of the world’s most iconic indoor entertainment venues.

The SSE Hydro has already hosted many of the biggest names in entertainment and sport, and in October 2018 was named by Billboard at the number one mid-sized arena in the world.

With its close proximity and specially designed seating arrangement, it is the perfect place to allow fans to be as up close and personal to the stars and action as possible!

The SSE Hydro is conveniently located on the banks of the River Clyde, close to major road, rail, sea, and air links.


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Venue address:

G3 8YW


General principle: The rules of Star Sixes are primarily based on FIFA and the Football Association’s rules on small-sided football, with some notable exceptions, designed to maximise the spectacle, and optimise the enjoyment of players and fans.


  • Six players on each team taking the field at any one time (including one goalkeeper)

  • Squads of ten

  • Rolling substitutions – can take place at any time under the guidance of the Match Official

  • Playing surface: Bespoke – 46mx26m with a 2m perimeter ‘run off’

  • Goals: 2.1m high by 4.8 m wide

  • Balls: Size 5 custom made

  • No perimeter barriers: The ball will go out of play as per 11-a-side football

  • Duration: All matches will be 25 minutes in length.

  • Teams will be able to take one 90 second timeout each, but the timeout can’t overlap with the final two minutes of the match.

  • No offside rule

  • No restriction on player movement

  • No ball height restrictions

  • A goalkeeper cannot handle a back-pass – and in doing so, will concede a penalty

  • ​All free-kicks are direct – though you cannot score directly from a kick-off

  • Yellow and red cards: As per Association Football, except that when a player receives a red card, his team can, after a period of 3 minutes has passed, introduce a substitute

  • Suspensions: A player is only suspended for a Star Sixes match when he has either committed violent conduct, spat at an opponent or used foul and/or abusive language towards an Official – although Star Sixes may exercise discretion to apply additional sanctions

  • Timing: There will be a match countdown clock – no stoppages in play unless due to serious injury, deliberate time-wasting or exceptional circumstances

  • After a goal, play is restarted in the goalkeeper’s hands – other restarts:

  • Optional kick-in or throw in from the side-line

  • Goal kicks can also start from the goalkeeper’s hands

  • ​Corner kicks as per Association Football

  • All dead balls must be played within 5 seconds, with opposition players retreating 2 metres

  • Slide tackling is permitted within the rules of Association Football

  • Shin guards must be worn

  • Format:

  • Mini-league where each team plays each-other once

  • The top two teams will then progress to the final

  • The final will be preceded by a 5v6 and 3v4 playoff match

  • Drawn knockout games: There will be no extra time – straight to a penalty shootout, consisting of 3 kicks per team, followed by sudden death

  • Penalties: Whether taken in regulation time or in penalty shootouts, penalty kicks are to be ‘one step penalties’

  • Any player can take a penalty kick – it does not matter whether they were on the playing area at the time the match was completed – though they must be included on the list of players submitted before the tournament

  • How do I buy tickets?
    Tickets can be brought at Ticketmaster or on the SSE Hydro website:
  • How much are tickets?
    There’s a range of tickets prices, but adults can get tickets for just £20 and kids (under-16) £10.
  • Do I have to buy a ticket for the full four days or can I buy for individual days?
    All the days will be sold separately.
  • Can I buy VIP tickets and what does this include?
    There will be various VIP packages to choose from and details of this will be provided closer to the tournament.
  • How many teams will participate?
    Six teams will be playing in Glashow: Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Wales and Rest of the World. This is the first regional tournament for Star Sixes and the second overall, following the World Cup in London in 2017.
  • How many players will be in each squad?
    Each Star Sixes squad will comprise ten players, six will be permitted to play at any one time with the other four being substitutes.
  • When will the teams be confirmed and announced?
    Teams are confirmed, as well as some players, but more will continue to be revealed in the build-up to the tournament.
  • What’s the best way to keep up to date with team news?
    You can follow Star Sixes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
  • Who will manage the teams?
    Each Star Sixes team will have an appointed captain who will play and also manage the side.
  • How are players chosen?
    The selection process is managed by the team captains and Star Sixes.
  • What is the competition format? How do teams progress to the final?
    The six teams will play each other once in a mini-league, with the top two teams qualifying for the Star Sixes Final, when the much-coveted Star Sixes trophy will be at stake. The final will be preceded by third- and fifth-placed play-offs.
  • How many matches will each team play?
    All teams will play a minimum of three games while those that reach the final stages could play up to six games in total.
  • What is the full schedule?
    You can find the full tournament schedule and fixture list here at the top of the page.
  • How long is each match?
    All games will be 25 minutes in length, with each team able to take a 90-second timeout. A team must take their timeout before the start of the final two minutes of the match.
  • Will there be extra-time and/or penalty shootouts?
    There will be no extra time or penalty shootouts in the group stages. However, should a knockout match end in a draw, the match will be decided by a penalty shootout.
  • What are the rules of the game?
    The rules of Star Sixes are designed to adhere as close to 11-a-side football as possible, for the enjoyment of both players and spectators alike: Six-a-side football Squads of ten players with rolling substitutions No restrictions on player movement No head-height rule No perimeter wall / barriers Drawn knockout games will go straight to penalties
  • Will there be any pre- or post-match entertainment?
    Star Sixes intends to be more than just a football tournament, with a spectacular show built around the matches. Keep an eye on the Star Sixes website and social media for further information including special guest and artist announcements.
  • Will alcohol be served in the venue?
    Alcohol will be available to purchase at the SSE Hydro.
  • How can I watch Star Sixes on TV?
    Star Sixes will inform fans around the world about where they can watch Star Sixes across TV and digital platforms in due course.
  • Have dates been announced for tournaments in other countries?
    Nothing has been announced yet but keep an eye on Star Sixes channels for future events!
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